by J. Gerald Harris

A Church On The Rock Or A Church On The Rocks
Dr. Gerald Harris
Matthew 16:13-20

There is a magazine published called The Wittenberg Door. It is a satirical religious magazine and it pokes fun at religion. Every month it has an award called the loser of the month award. And they give it to the church that does ridiculous, absurd things. And not so long ago they gave this award to churches that did ridiculous things to get people into the church. They gave them the "Loser of the month award."

One church in Florida baptized people in a hot tub with the jets going on, just to get people to come to church—just to watch something like that.

Another church in California served Perrier water at the Lord's Supper to be trendy—just to see what people they could attract to their church.

In another church, the pastor who weighed 300 pounds decided on a unique way to get people to come to church. He advertised that whoever would come would get to see him lift the heaviest person in the congregation with his teeth. He had some contraption, some mouthpiece that he would use to lift the heaviest person in the congregation, just to get people to come. And that worked pretty well Sunday by Sunday until a 6'8, 450 pound person showed up and nearly pulled the pastors teeth out. The whole idea went downhill after that.

One church had a TV game show night. And they played Bible jeopardy and the wheel of salvation.

Well, we're going to do our best not to be boring here. I mean, I've made a commitment to that. I heard about a lady who went to the doctor an said, "My husband is snoring."

And the doctor said, "Well, is he keeping you awake?"

And she said, "Me? He's keeping the whole church awake."

Well, I hope we stay awake, but I don't want to get the "Loser of the month award" either. I want us to keep a balance.

Now, in our text for this morning we see that at Caesarea Philippi Jesus had reached a turning point in His ministry. No longer is there any loud ...

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