by Ernest Easley

How To Get Released From The Grip Of Fear
Genesis 14-15
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

As you are turning to Genesis 14 .. I want to ask you a personal question: Are you ever afraid? Do you have any phobias? And would you say that you are living these days in the grip of fear? And if so ... what is it that is causing you to fear?
Perhaps it's the fear of the economy. Like so many people today .. your plans for retirement have been changed due to your losses and fear is gripping you. Or perhaps for you it's the fear of failing health. And if not for you .. for a loved one. And the talk of Health Care Reform has you fearing the future. Will you be cared for in your older years? Will you be taken care of when the need arises?
One thing is for sure: in this life, there is plenty of things to cause one to fear. In fact ... as great a man of faith as Abram or Abraham was .. he found himself one day gripped by fear. What I want to show you tonight is what caused his fear and how God reached down and released him from fears grip. And more importantly for us .. how God reaches down and releases US from OUR fears.
Now in Genesis 14 we read about the first battle .. the first war on earth. And since then .. we've had one war after the other.
Now the battle that was fought in chapter 14 was fought by ten kings. Nine of them were godless and only one .. King Melchizedek .. the "king of Salem" was godly. And by the way .. the same "Salem" means "peace .. secure."
And do you know what city Salem was later called? JeruSALEM! You see .. the name "Jerusalem" comes from two words: "Jeru" which means "city" and "Salem" which means "peace." So when you put those two words together "Jerusalem" you have "the city of peace."
So in Genesis 14 ... we have recorded the first war on earth. Abram heard that his brother's son Lot was in Sodom and was taken captive. Now you know .. Abram could have said to himself, "I'm not going after Lot. After all .. he is in t ...

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