by Ken Trivette

The Posture of The Christian Life
Ken Trivette
Ephesians 2:6, 10; 6:11

1. The Blessings of the Christian Life
a) Our Riches in Christ
b) Our Redemption in Christ
c) Our Rest in Christ
2. The Behavior of the Christian Life
a) Walk Appropriately
b) Walk Differently
3. The Battles of the Christian Life
a) Our Spiritual Warfare
b) Our Spiritual Wardrobe

1. The Book of Ephesians is an exciting book to study. It stirs the heart just reading it. Warren Wiersbe says, "Each book in the Bible has its own special theme and message, even though it may deal with many different topics."1 He states that the theme of Ephesians is our riches in Christ.

2. Charles Hodge says that Paul had a four-fold objective in the book: 1. To bring them to a just appreciation of the plan of redemption, as a scheme devised from eternity by God, for the manifestation of the glory of his grace. 2. To make them aware of the greatness of the blessing which they enjoyed by sharing its benefits. 3. To lead them to enter into the spirit of the Gospel, as a system which ignored the distinction between Jews and Gentiles, and united all the members of the church in one living body, destined to be brought into full conformity to the image of Christ, and 4. To induce them to live as suited a religion which had delivered them from the degradation of their heathen condition, and exalted them to the dignity of sons of God.2

3. The Book of Ephesians tells us who were are in Christ and what we have in Him. As well, it tells us what we should be seeing who we are and what we have in Christ. There are three words in the book that set forth these truths. These three words are "sit, walk" and "stand." These three words give us the three divisions of the book. They describe the wealth, walk and warfare of the believer. As well, they describe our relationship with God, man and Satan. I want to think of them as describing the posture of the Christian life.

4. I remember a teacher in el ...

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