by Ken Trivette

A Lamb, the Lamb, Your Lamb
Ken Trivette
Exodus 12:3-5


1. A Lamb That Pictures Salvation

a) The Selection of a Lamb
b) The Sacrifice of a Lamb

2. The Lamb That Provides Salvation

a) The Foremost Lamb of Sacrifice
b) The Final Lamb of Sacrifice

3. Your Lamb That Personalizes Salvation

a) The Offering of the Lamb for You
b) The Offer of the Lamb for You

1. A nautical expression from years past is ''Rogue's Yarn.'' This was a colored thread woven into a rope both to label the rope as naval property and to identify its manufacturer. In the case of the Royal Navy, a red or scarlet thread was woven throughout all rope that belonged to them. No matter how you cut the rope, this red or scarlet thread could be seen.

2. When it comes to the Bible, God's Word, you will find a scarlet thread running throughout its pages and words. That scarlet thread is the blood of the Lord Jesus. It has been well said that in the Old Testament we see Jesus concealed and in the New Testament revealed. He is contained in the Old Testament and explained in the New. He is pictured in the Old and presented in the New. In every book of the Bible you can find the Lord Jesus.

3. The story of redemption commences in the Book of Genesis and concludes in the Book of Revelation. There is perhaps no greater picture of the story of redemption than the lamb that was sacrificed for the sins of man. John declared the Lord Jesus to be ''the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world'' (John 1:29). Every lamb that was slain in the Old Testament was a picture of the Lord Jesus, God's Lamb.

4. In our text we find ''a lamb'' (Vs. 3), ''the lamb'' (Vs. 4) and ''your lamb'' (Vs.5). I want us to look at these three references and see in them a beautiful picture of redemption. First, we see:


1. In verse 3 Moses gives the instructions, ''Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel, saying, In the tenth day of this month t ...

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