by Ken Trivette

The Lost Axe Head
Ken Trivette
1 Kings 6:1-7

1. A Scene of a Purposeful Life
a) A Preparation for God's Work
b) A Participation in God's Work
2. A Symbol of a Productive Life
a) Our Part in the Work
b) Our Power in the Work
3. A Story of a Powerless Life
a) The Axe Head Was Lost
b) The Axe Head Was Located
c) The Axe Head Was Lifted

1. Unless it is from the charismatics, we don't hear much about the Spirit-filled life anymore. I think that we are afraid that if we talk about being filled with the Spirit we will be labeled with the charismatics. Yet, there is nothing more essential in the life of a believer than being filled with the Holy Spirit. Our ability to serve God and serve Him effectively depends on being filled with the Holy Spirit.

2. Someone gave this illustration: "I have a glove here in my hand. The glove cannot do anything by itself, but when my hand is in it, the glove can do many things. True, it is not the glove, but my hand in the glove that acts. The Christian is a glove. It is the Holy Spirit in us, the hand, who does the work. We have to make room for the hand so that every finger in the glove is filled."

3. The great tragedy of our generation is that we act as if we are the hand rather than the glove. There is no generation in Church history that is better equipped or has more at their disposal to do God's work than ours. But our advantages have become our disadvantages. We rely on what we can do and what we have to do the work. The result is we are only getting what can be done in the flesh. It is only when the Holy Spirit becomes the hand in the glove that we will get spiritual results.

4. The story before us is a reminder of how important it is that we serve and work in the power of the Holy Spirit. Let's consider the story of the lost axe head and be reminded of our need of the Holy Spirit's power in our life and ministry.

5. First, think with me of:


1. The life of ...

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