by Stan Coffey

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Jehosaphat: Powerful Prayer (9 of 12)
Series: Bible Giants
Stan Coffey
2 Chronicles 20:1-4; 20:12, 17, 22-25

We continue in a series of message called, ''The Original Route 66,'' and we are preaching a message from every book in the Bible. Today we are continuing a sub-series called Bible Giants, based on the outstanding characters of the biblical books of history.

At the same time that we are preaching through the Bible hundreds of our church family are reading through the Bible in 66 weeks, and our Life Groups are taking lessons from each book of the bible and this is blessing us in a wonderful way as we are saturating ourselves in the Word of God.

Have you ever needed a miracle in some situation with your children and you didn't know where to turn? Have you ever felt like everybody had conspired against you and everything was coming down on you
and you flat needed a miracle? Now that is where King Jehoshaphat was in II Chronicles chapter 20.

If you have your Bibles turn to that passage and we are going to read several passages of scripture beginning in verse 1, as we learn ''What To Do When You Need A Miracle''.

I want to tell you this, a church better have a powerful prayer ministry if it is going to rely upon the supernatural power of God. Our church always relies upon what God does. God is in charge, God is in control and my how God has answered prayer and blessed our prayer ministry.

They had a national prayer meeting. I wonder what would happen in America if America, as a nation, got on its knees before God?

I wonder what would happen as a church if The Church At Quail Creek would get on its knees before God? Look at verse 12, here is what they prayed.

We see in this passage that when we need a miracle there is only one thing to do and only one place to go and that is to God.

When you need a miracle, you need to learn to pray and to seek the Lord. I want you to see the first thing that happens when you pray.


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