by Stan Coffey

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Ruth: From Pauper to Princess (3 of 12)
Series: Bible Giants
Stan Coffey
Ruth 2:8-12

Today we continue our series of messages from the books of history entitled, "Profiles In Courage." This is part of our "Route 66" series as we preach a sermon from each of the sixty six books of the Bible.

Ruth is truly a "Profile In Courage." As we are going to discover in the message today she is one of the most courageous women in all of scripture.

The story of Ruth is not only the story of a true heroine, but it is a flawless love story in a compact format. It is not an epic tale, but a short story in four chapters. It runs the full range of human emotions from the most gut-wrenching kind of grief to the very heights

of joy and triumph. Ruth's life was the true historical experience of one genuinely extraordinary woman. It is also a perfect depiction of the story of redemption with living, breathing symbols. Ruth herself furnished a fitting picture of every sinner. She was a

widow and foreigner who went to live in a strange land. Tragic circumstances reduced her to abject poverty. She was not only an outcast and an exile, but also devoid of any resources, reduced to a state of utter destitution from which she could never hope to redeem herself by any means.

The story of how her whole life was changed is one of the most deeply touching narratives in all of scripture. Ruth's story began near the end of the era of the judges in the Old Testament, about 1100 B.C., a century before the time of David, the King.

The two main characters of the story are Ruth and Boaz who would take her to be his wife. In spite of the apostasy of the day, the book shows that there individuals seeking to live godly lives by obeying the law of Moses. The character and piety of Boaz are outstanding. His devotion to Jehovah God and his familiarity with Mosaic law and his

personal knowledge of Jehovah are in marked contrast with the ignorance, immorality, ind ...

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