by Stan Coffey

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Wisdom for a Successful Marriage (5 of 5)
Series: Wisdom for Wise Living
Stan Coffey
Song of Solomon 1:1-2

We continue today our series, The Original Route 66, preaching for every book of the Bible. We are in a sub-series from the Wisdom Books of the Old Testament entitled Wisdom For Wise Living, and today the message title is ''Wisdom For A Successful Marriage.''

Many of you may remember Dr. Christian Bernard, a world renown heart specialist who many years ago was the first to innovate the aortic valve for heart surgery and then later became the first surgeon to perform a heart transplant. He was on television, he was on the radio, he was in the newspapers, and he was on the cutting edge of what was happening in the latest medical technology.

He wrote a book called, ''One Life.'' In that book he tells how he lost his home, how he lost the hearts of his own family members while he was helping to mend the hearts of others. I want to read you just a quotation from that book.

He said, ''It was a bright April morning when I drove out of Minneapolis. It seemed like a century since I first arrived there, a time longer than all the years before it. In New York, I put the car on a boat and caught a plane to Cape Town. Norwest winds were blowing. We came over the city with the waves close below. My wife was there with the children, I had not written much for two months and I was unprepared for her greeting.

''Why did you come back?'' she said. There was no longer a smile in her eyes. Oh, God, I thought, I have made the most terrible mistake in my life. ''Don't look so surprised,'' she said, ''We gave you up. We decided you were never coming back.'' I replied, ''But it was only a little delay. I wrote you April 1st.'' ''No. you wrote once saying you weren't coming home.''

''We were building valves, aortic heart valves,'' I answered. ''No, you were building a family. That is, you were, until you dumped it in my lap,'' she said bitterly. ''We have cea ...

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