by Stan Coffey

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Wisdom About The Tongue (3 of 5)
Series: Wisdom for Wise Living
Stan Coffey
Proverbs 13:2-3

We are talking about "How To Tame Your Tongue." You know in the book of James in the new testament, the writer tells us that if a man can tame his tongue, that he is indeed a mature man, that a sign of Christian maturity is to be able to tame your tongue. In fact, James says the tongue can no man tame. And that is the key, no man can tame the tongue, only Christ through the Holy Spirit working in us, can control our tongue. And we will see that as this lesson unfolds.

The Proverbs are just full of verses that have to do with taming your tongue and the results of what happens when you don't tame your tongue. Sometimes when you speak hastily or when we speak unthoughtfully or even when we speak thoughtfully but we say the wrong thing, they are disastrous results of the tongue. James also tells us that the tongue is like a fire. That it sets on fire the course of hell. Meaning that it starts with a little fire but it spreads like a forest fire, a wild fire that is out of control. That one word is spoken here and that word or that praise or that thing is repeated until it is out of control or blown all out of proportion.

The Bible says that power and death are in the tongue. Power and death are in our words and our words can bless or our words can burden. Our words can enrich or our words can enslave. What we say is very important. We are created in the image of God and God made the world with words. In fact, the Bible says the Word of God framed the worlds.

Not only did the Word of God frame the worlds, but also the world consists and continues to exist by the power of the Word of God. The only reason our universe stays like it is, the only reason the earth stays on its axis at a precise angle is because God has His hand on it. If God took His hand off of it even for one second, it would be chaos in the universe. In fact, the Bible says ...

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