by Duane Bemis

The Cost of Ministry
Duane Bemis

I find many want to be in ministry. Many want to be on the platform preaching or sharing their personal testimony. Many want the spotlight but most do not want to pay the price for an anointed ministry. Any ministry that cost you nothing probably has nothing. Many want to sing for the Lord but many do not want to pay the price. The price might be diligently practicing as you develop God's gift.
Many want to perform before people and many want to hear their voices on the microphone but most will not pay the price of preparation to have an anointed ministry.

- What is the price to enter into a ministry for the Lord?
- What is the price to serve in God's Kingdom business?
- Why does the enemy work so diligently to keep us from paying that price?

Let us look deeper into what Jesus says about the cost of ministry. Let us join our hearts together in prayer to seek His wisdom and understanding about the cost of having an anointed, God-given ministry. When you have an anointed ministry, God has stamped you and your ministry with His approval by lacing it with a demonstration of His miracles, His power, and His provision.
Just imagine a time when all in attendance feel God's Holy presence through you because you have paid God's required price to be a carrier of His Glory. Before we go into our scriptures let us pray:
"Father, we seek Your wisdom, understanding and Your knowledge. We seek Your word because it carries a promise from You that it will not return void. Your word will accomplish all that You want. So, Jesus, shed Your Light upon our selected topic and let us learn directly from You. You alone are worthy and You alone were slain. Let Your Light shine upon our hearts, bodies, and souls as we soak in Your presence. You paid the greatest price for ministry through the shedding of Your perfect blood. I desire to learn as I sit at Your nail- scarred feet. You are worthy to be praised and You are worthy of me to listen ...

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