by Glenn Mollette

Life Is Filled with Ups and Downs
Often life is lived In Plan B
Glenn W. Mollette

Abraham...rollercoaster....genesis 22.11."relief" we all like relief. "Here Am I"
He didn't know Romans 8.28....if he did he wouldn't have felt like quoting Romans 8.28 before Moriah. After Moriah he would have felt more like quoting it.
The disciples didn't know Romans 8.28 and when they saw Jesus crucified like a criminal they wouldn't have felt like saying Roman's 8.28.
They were devastated...they couldn't say all things work together. They were so disappointed. life, in themselves, they felt bad. They were so disappointed in Jesus. What a con man. What a lunatic.
Ever been disappointed? A disappointment is different than a surprise. I've been surprised and the inflection is up. Carole had a birthday party for me sometime ago. Surprised me. That's a good surprise...but then we have disappointments in life. That's when things don't go as planned. Things don't work out. Plan A of life...and then we are rerouted to plan b.
We might have some plan B people here today. Any plan C people? Maybe plan Z....last plan.

It's the rollercoaster effect of life. Up and down ...up and down. How many of you have closed your eyes before riding a rollercoaster? I have. There have been times in my life when I wish I could have closed my eyes and then just like that it would be over...but it's never quite worked that way in real life. Has it you?
I remember driving over here...when 1982 and seeing the burned building across the road. So devastating. Painful. A couple of years ago I looked over here and saw this building. Wow...what a surprise. And then...I heard about the hundreds you are having in attendance. Wow, surprised. ...great happy surprise. I like big happy surprises.
And you've been here a long time. If all the pastors and people 40 years ago...could see you now. Look at you church. And guess what some of you got to see it. I like happy endings don't you? ...

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