by Daniel Rodgers

Looking for the Good in the Bad
Dan Rodgers
II Corinthians 4:8-10

INTRODUCTION: Have you ever noticed that there always seems to be some good in the bad? Consider for example, the storm. Dark clouds descend and hover over; lightening strikes, the wind blows, sometimes, resulting in great damage. However, in the midst of it all, we usually find a rainbow. It's almost as if God is saying, "Yes, life can be hard--I may send a storm, but I can also send a rainbow.

Maybe, today, you are someone who needs a rainbow. You feel like you have had enough of the storm in your life. What I want us to do this morning is focus on the good in the bad--the rainbow in the storm. If we can do that, we can change everything about how we appreciate life and deal with our troubles.

ILLUS: An unknown writer once said, "Enduring adversity with a positive attitude is both the sign and glory of a brave spirit. As there is no worldly gain without some loss, so there is not worldly loss without some gain. If you have lost your wealth, you have also lost the trouble that often comes with wealth. If you are degraded of your honor, you are also freed from the stroke of envy. If sickness has blurred your beauty, it has also delivered you from pride. Set your gains against your losses, and you will find no great loss. He loses little or nothing who keeps the favor of his God and the peace and freedom of his conscience.

ILLUS: It is said that when Robinson Crusoe was wrecked on his lonely island, he drew up in two columns, which he called the evil and the good. They are as follows:

I am cast on a desolate island, but still alive--not drowned, as all my ship's men were.

I am separated from mankind and banished from human society, but I am not starving.

I have no clothes, but I am in a hot climate where I don't need them.

I am without means of defense, but I see no wild beasts, such as I have seen on the coast of Africa.

I have no soul to speak to, but God ...

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