by Eddie Snipes

All Children Need Their Fathers
Fred Lowery
Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Colossians 3:21; 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12; 1 Thessalonians 2:8, 10

That's a great clip from a movie Game Plan; it's got a great message for today's world and for families. It's right on target because all children need their fathers in their lives. No exceptions. And if the father is not present, active and engaged in a child's life that child pays a price his entire life and every relationship is impacted. Lilibeth contributed to the sermon today, my four year old granddaughter, she brought home from her class an acrostic on the word father. And I think they got it to put on the screen up there. And she said I think DocDoc needs this for his sermon and so they passed it along to me that a father is fun, and brave, and strong, and he's a hero, he's helpful and he is great. And she believes Ky is all of that but she'll grow up. No, he is a wonderful father but it was just so cool that Lilibeth was wanting to give me some material to help me with my message so I'm grateful to Lilibeth.

Now I just want to take an acrostic. Not that one but an acrostic about father and hopefully encourage fathers as you seek to become the father God wants you to be and I think that all of you want to be, a godly father and a good father. So a father is faithful. What a word, faithful. Faithful in living with integrity and honesty before his family. We will talk more about that before the end of the sermon. Family needs to be able to count on the dad, always count on the dad, and then building God's truth into the lives of your kids. A lot of men do not understand they do not realize that when you father a child with that comes not only a physical responsibility. The Bible says if you don't provide for your family, you are worse than an infidel, worse than an unbeliever. A lot of men get that. but they don't understand that you are to be the spiritual leader in your home and you are the one that God is going to hold ...

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