by Daniel Rodgers

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Faith and Security (2 of 6)
Dan Rodgers
Psalm 18:2; Psalm 34:22; 1 John 5:11; 1 John 5:13
May, 27, 2009

ILLUS: A few years ago, Tom Ridge, our then Homeland Security Chief, gave us some details concerning the protection of our nation. He devised a color system to alert citizens of impending terrorist threats:
• Severe (red): severe risk
• High (orange): high risk
• Elevated (yellow): significant risk
• Guarded (blue): general risk
• Low (green): low risk
The color on this Tuesday was yellow, which represents a significant risk. With all due respect to our Homeland Security Department, we can't even secure our borders. Thousands of illegals are flooding our country every year, many of them representing a threat to our national security.

I'm glad my security is not based on a color code; my security is in Jesus Christ.

INTRODUCTION: In this day of uncertainty and insecurity, there is one thing I know for certain, God will never let me down. I have a secure faith. Christians are oftentimes overwhelmed by world conditions--the housing market, Wall Street and the economy, the fear of losing a job, government intrusion into our lives, the possibility of losing our freedoms. Then there are those who worry about the challenges to their faith--"Am I saved for certain?" "How am I going to get through this trial in my life?" "What about my finances?" And so on....

As we come to our outline this evening, let me give you three reasons why we can be certain that we can have a secure faith.

I. God's Word Assures It
II. God's Power Secures It
III. God's Integrity Demands It

A. Trusting His Word

1. In Matthew 4:4, Jesus said, "It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." Listen, if God said it, I can believe it." I have a living faith, a confident faith, and a secure faith. It is rooted in God's Word. Whatever my need, I ca ...

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