by J. Gerald Harris

The Great Conquest
J. Gerald Harris
Joshua 1:9-11

Last week we gave some consideration to what life is like in the wilderness - dull, insipid, painfully disappointing, and depressing. It is my conviction that most of the people we consider the best Christians in our churches receive their mail in the wilderness. Some have moved in and out of the Promised Land. Most have never made it into the land that flows with milk and honey.

As we come to this message we draw back the curtain so that you can see the next generation of Israelites as they finally make it out of the wilderness. Their ancestors died in the wilderness. But they have now come to the brink of the Promised Land, approaching it from the east side of the Jordan River. There it is - stretched out like a wide green ribbon between the Jordan and Mediterranean Sea. The view is breath-taking. The land is a wealth of agricultural productivity. It's a land of bounty. It's a land of plenty - the Promised Land.

Now, what is the significance of this land? What are we to learn as we consider the characteristics of this land that flows with milk and honey? First of all, in this land we see:

1. The wealth of the Christian -

The Promised Land is actually a symbol of the spirit-filled life. We have already seen the characteristics of Egypt and the wilderness. Now, let's see the distinguishing landmarks of the Promised Land. As we look at the distinguishing characteristics of Canaan, it will help you to know where you are in your spiritual pilgrimage.

The Promised Land represents a mature, balanced spiritual life – a life which enjoys the fullness of God's blessings. You can know when you have arrived by testing your life for a wealth of blessing.

Now, God met the needs of the children of Israel while they wandered in the wilderness. God provided guidance, food and clothing. He performed some miracles on their behalf, but for those in the Promised Land, God does fare more than merely meet their ...

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