by J. Gerald Harris

Deacon Ordination
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
Joshua 24:13-15

Tonight I want to use an Old Testament passage of the Scripture to challenge these men who are going to be ordained as deacons. Look in Joshua 24:13-15 (read).

I want you to know that I am excited about what is happening in the church, because I am excited about what is happening among the men in our church. I have long believed that when you reach the man in the family, then normally you reach the entire family. I appreciate organizations like The Christian Businessmen's Committee, and Promise Keepers and The Brotherhood, because their ministry is geared to reaching men.

I'll tell you what to do. You reach a man; you win a husband and a father to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and the chances are that his wife and his children will follow his example and follow his leadership. Now, that's not always true. But the majority of the time, it is true. How glorious it is when a man will commit his heart and his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Almost without exception, that wife will be saved and those precious sons and daughters will be saved.

So God wants men. God needs men. And I love to see men coming to the church and bringing their families with them. You see, I believe if there is anything the devil hates, he hates family religion. He hates to see a man who will commit his life to Christ and then lead his family to be followers of the Lord Jesus. I believe the devil hated it when Joshua said, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

I'm just saying that the devil hates to see men take their rightful role in the home, and their rightful role in the church, and their rightful role in society. But I love it! I love to see men come to church. I love to see men stand up for Jesus Christ. I love to see men who read and study the Bible. I love to hear men sing. I love to see men witness. I love to see men stand tall for God.

And I want our deacons to become not only se ...

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