by Rex Yancey

Rediscovering the Word of God
Rex Yancey
II Chronicles 34:15

Since we will soon be 233 years old as a nation we need to rediscover the Word of God as the Israelites did back in Josiah's day. Manasseh and Amnon were wicked. They led the nation away from God into idolatry. Josiah's mother along with the prophet Jeremiah started a reformation.

Martin Luther started a reformation October 31, 1517 by posting his 95 thesis on the door of the Catholic Church. Without a doubt someone needs to start a reformation today.

We live in a world that is saturated with Bibles. I have read there are over 250 translations. The Bible is the best seller in the history of the world. However, in a real sense the Bible needs to be rediscovered. Rediscovery suggests that something has been lost, misplaced, or neglected.

Let's notice how the Word was rediscovered in the days of Josiah.


-This is found in 33:4-6, and 21-23.

1. The house of God was forsaken.

I am sure millions of people attend church every Sunday in this country. However, more don't than do! We don't know where half of our 16 million Southern Baptists are. If they showed up for one Sunday we would not have room to hold them.

-If we take our church for an example about 40 to 50% of our members are involved at different levels of commitment in our church. Where are the other 50%? Surely these are people who once made a profession of faith, were baptized, and enrolled in Sunday school? But they are AWOL today.

-Church attendance is a reminder that there is a Word from God. When we forsake the church, we forget the Word. When we forget the Word, our nation gets in the shape it is in today.

-The Word says "forsaking not the assembling of ourselves together in the manner that some is." Evidently, absenteeism was a problem in the early church.

-Man is inherently religious. He will either worship at the altar of God or at some strange altar. "Jesu ...

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