by Rex Yancey

Graduates Need a Vision
Rex Yancey
2 Kings 6:8-18

We are looking at Elisha today and one of his students in the school of the prophets. The student could see with his physical eyes. He had to learn that there are some unseen forces in the world.

Benhadad, King of Syria, the inveterate and congenital enemy of Israel, had invaded the country on several occasions. But every time he was about ready to pounce down on the King of Israel and his army, the King of Israel received warning and withdrew his army to a safe fortress.

The King of Syria thought he must have a traitor in his midst. However, he was told by one of his officers, ''O King, Elisha, the prophet that was in Israel, telleth the King of Israel the words that thou speakest in the bedchamber.''

A true man of God is worth more to a nation than a battleship, a regiment of soldiers, or a squadron of bombers. This truth is illustrated in the life of Elisha, the first man to whom was given the title ''Man of God.''

Benhadad learned that Elisha was in Dothan. He traveled there and encamped in the mountains surrounding Elisha. Elisha's student got up early and saw the chariots and army that surrounded Elisha. He ran to tell Elisha what he saw. ''Alas my master, how shall we do?'' Elisha answered calmly, ''Fear not, for they that are with us are more than they that are with them.''

He must have thought his master had lost his mind. Then Elisha prayed, ''Lord, open his eyes that he may see.'' The mountains were full of horses and chariots of fire around Elisha. The Syrian army was blinded and led around like a pony to Samaria, the capital of Syria. There they were dismissed and sent home in humiliation.

We know about the reality of material forces. We read about them in the paper, magazines, and they are praising, advertising, and exploiting the power of material forces.

But these forces while real and visible, are also temporal. The real power in the world today is invisible. 1 John 5:19 ...

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