by Rex Yancey

The Model Father
Rex Yancey
Luke 15:11-32

Leonard Nimoy, star of the science fiction series "Star Trek" narrated a show entitled In Search Of.

Most of the time, Nimoy was searching for the answer to some mystery.

This morning we are going to search for the model father. I realize that this will be a difficult search. If I should give you an opportunity to respond to the question "What are the characteristics of a model father?" you no doubt would give me different answers.

One wife told her husband that he was a model husband. He would swell with pride when she told him this. However, a fellow employee, told him to look up the word in the dictionary. He did. It said, "A small replica of the real thing!"

Women today are looking for the ideal man. What does that mean? He is strong, good looking, aggressive, successful, dependable, well-dressed, and a responsible business man. He is interested in all things and excels in most. He loves only one woman but charms them all. He is a super spiritual leader in the home. Have you seen anyone that answers that description? Take heart, friend, neither has any woman.

What is a total complete man? He is the one who understands and accepts the responsibility for the development of his mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity and demonstrates this by his maturing attitude and actions in his personal life, his home life, his vocational life, his social life, and his spiritual life.

Being a complete man does not depend on background, talent, education, skills or achievement. It has little to do with looks, size, shape or age. If these qualities were the criteria, most of us would be eliminated. So men, if you have been on a guilt trip because you fail in some of these areas, get off of it. Realize you are on a journey, in a process, and forging an experience.

Ladies, if you have such high expectations of an ideal man, lower them. Look for jewels in the rough.

Jesus told the story of th ...

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