by John Barnett

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How to Be God's Man and Husband (24 of 35)
Series: Delights of a Word-Filled Marriage
John Barnett

Praying for Godly Marriages: Godly Sons

One of my favorite moments in ministry is when I stand up here with two trembling hearts standing before me at the wedding ceremony. May I remind you of what they agree to be at just one portion called the LIGHTING THE UNITY CANDLE:

The two outside candles have been lighted to represent your lives to this moment. They are two distinct lights, each capable of going its separate way. To bring joy and radiance into your home, there must be the merging of these two flames into one.

From this time onward may your thoughts be for each other father than for your individual selves; may your plans be mutual, your joys and sorrows shared.

Wow, every time I say that it gives me shivers of joy to think that is what our marriages are all about. The Lord has offered to each of us a choice. We can either choose to follow His plan or ours through life. One of the most visible of all our choices is the person we marry. The choice is either a marriage after our own heart or after God's own heart. The results are either

Remember you only get one chance in life to start with a wonderful Biblical marriage. It is worth the wait. Don't squander one of the greatest areas of life by doing your own thing instead of God's! I think the choice is yours. Where are you headed in your marriage and as a family this morning? You will never get to anywhere you are not headed right now! But if we aren't careful, what is the other choice? It is called unhappiness, unfaithfulness, hardness, and divorce.

There are over 111 Million [1] of us in America who are married. That is the majority or 56% of all over 18-year-old adults. Most of us this morning only faintly realize the dangerous climate we live in. We live in a culture soaked with the stain of divorce that has penetrated to the depths of all our institutions. Listen to a couple paragr ...

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