by John Barnett

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Marriage Divine Style (23 of 35)
Series: Delights of a Word-Filled Marriage
John Barnett

Praying for Godly Marriages

For most of us, most of our life will be spent in marriage. What do you want those bulk of your years of life to be like? Do you want them to be hard times of tension, agony, frustration or pain? Or do you want them to be joyous and satisfying and the best years of your life?


• If you are married as you listen to me this morning, then what I am about to say is what you should BE.
• If you are young and at home as you listen to me, then what I am sharing from God's Word is what you should BECOME.
• And if you are grown, and starting out in life as a single person, this is what you should BE and what you should LOOK FOR in your marriage.

Again, this is the biggest decision next to salvation YOU WILL EVER MAKE. Be careful, be expecting a blessing, and be blessed with a wonderful joyous BIBLICAL MARRIAGE.

Can I just share a short personal testimony? Growing up in Michigan as a child was delightful. We lived by a lake and fished all summer, had fish fries with most of our neighbors, enjoyed many fun moments as a family, at church. I even would walk from sweet older ladies who were great neighbors and who would give me cookies and hugs when I visited. That was life at five years old.

As the years passed and my perception of the world around me grew I began to notice the family next door was different. They could be heard at all hours screaming, banging, throwing things, and fighting. Then my parents explained that all that fighting meant that they were separating as a couple, and later they were divorced. Soon I noticed while making a family tree for my class at Haslett School, that my dad's mother, Grandma Barnett's name had changed to Grandma Miller as she had divorced my grandfather and I got a new one – Grandpa Miller. My mom's mother also stopped living with grandpa, her husband, mov ...

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