by John Barnett

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Loving the Way God Made You (21 of 35)
Series: Delights of a Word-Filled Marriage
John Barnett

Praying They Love the Way God Made Them

Each of us were built to a perfect and intricate set of plans, engineered by God Himself. Within every cell of our body is a set of those Divine Fingerprints called our DNA. The Human Genome is a wonder of precise engineering that laid down everything about your physical body.

So each one of us was perfectly designed by God for His glory. Who we are, where we were born, how we look, all of our imperfections and weaknesses, and countless other details are all part of God's marvelous design.

Each of us are the handiwork of God, like spiritual snowflakes, no two exactly alike. Each of us are like rare and precious jewels, no one is worthless or unimportant in God's plan.

This morning, every child in this place was especially designed by God for Divine Purposes. Your intellect, your giftedness, your abilities, and most of all who you are as a young man or a young woman are the strategic resources God has given you to serve and please Him.

Now comes the challenge. Parents, do you know what God wants from your sons as men and from your daughters as women? In some areas the Lord wants similar character for boys and girls, but in most areas, His plan for a young lady GREATLY DIFFERS from His plans for young men.

The Lord Almighty, God of the Universe has made men and women differently, with different qualities, different roles, and different purposes within His great plan. So, again I ask from God's Word -- Parents, do you know what God wants from your sons as men and from your daughters as women? As we walk through many passages in the Scriptures this morning we will see a portion of God's wondrous plan. And we will see anew and afresh that praying, teaching, and modeling the Word of God is the key to raising, nurturing, and launching children that please the Lord. We need to be learning how to pray for our children ...

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