by John Barnett

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Learning to Always be Submissive to God (20 of 35)
Series: Delights of a Word-Filled Marriage
John Barnett

Praying They Not Rebel

Every day of our lives we make choices. Those choices will often involve a response to an authority God has placed around us. For a moment look at I Peter 2:13 with me:

Submit: In the New Testament world this word often speaks a soldier's absolute obedience to his superior officer.

Romans 13:1 reminds us there is no authority except from God. Since He alone is the sovereign ruler of the universe (Ps. 62:11; 103:19; 1 Tim. 6:15), The Lord has placed no less than four different levels of authority on earth:
1) Political: the government over all citizens;
2) Spiritual: the church over all believers;
3) Familial: the parents over all children; and
4) Material: the masters over all employees.

Ø Difficult Situations

Have you ever stepped back and looked at how UNFAIR life was in the world of the Old Testament? Now let your mind move across the pages of sacred and inspired history. As I read each of these names, what comes to your mind? One common condition, they each felt some type of MISTREATMENT and DIFFICULT SITUATIONS.

o Hagar – mistreated by her mistress Sarah;
o Joseph – mistreated by his older brothers, by his boss Potiphar's wife, by the higher ranking fellow prisoners;
o Jacob – mistreated by his father-in-law.
o Hannah – mocked by her closest companions, misunderstood by God's priests.
o David – mistreated by his brothers, neglected by his dad,
o Daniel – betrayed by his fellow workers, sentenced by his own boss to the lions den.

Ø Unfair Situations

Have you ever stepped back and looked at how UNFAIR life was in the New Testament world? Think about that as we look again at I Peter 2. The world and the people to which Peter wrote were unfair and hard to get along with, in these early days of the New Testament? The society of the Roman Empire around Christ's chur ...

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