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John Barnett

Our Character as Parents

We just returned from a week of ministry at Camp Barakel where I have been going ever since I was born, and where I have been returning to minister for the past 10 years or so. I was placed in a room with 138 seven through ten-year olds for several hours each day. After they were through with me Bonnie would drag me out and resuscitate me!

No actually it was one of the greatest times of ministry I have ever had especially because I felt so unable to communicate with them and so as the Lord promised when we are weak – they He can be strong through us. Thanks so much for praying.

On the 2500-mile drive I did learn many things about how exciting it is to be a parent. Many of them follow those anonymous "Laws of Parenting" published many years ago:

Laws of Parenting

The later you stay up, the earlier your child will wake up the next morning.
For a child to become clean, something else must become dirty.
Toys multiply to fill any space available.
The longer it takes you to make a meal, the less your child will like it.
Yours is always the only child who doesn't behave.
If the shoe's expensive.
The surest way to get something done is to tell a child not to do it.
The gooier the food, the more likely it is to end up on the carpet.
Backing the car out of the driveway causes your child to have to go to the bathroom.
The more challenging the child, the more rewarding it is to be a parent...sometimes.

Now that was funny but this was not. I had the opportunity to get to know a cross section of young people from Michigan last week. Nearly 300 campers from over 90 different churches, over 20 different denominations but all at the same camp for that week. Probably the one verse that most summarizes what I saw is in Hosea 4:6:

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. "Because you have rejected knowle ...

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