by John Barnett

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David Conquers (34 of 49)
Series: Discovering David's Spiritual Secret
John Barnett
Psalm 18

Open your Bibles to Psalms because I am going to rapidly review what we have covered for the last few weeks about David's life and perhaps give you something if you haven't noticed. I've been sharing with you the passage in 1 Samuel that correlates with the Psalms that come out of David's life. And if you're of the clan and tribe of Bible markers or note takers, this will perhaps be the last time I will actually go through this list of the 8 Psalms that were written out of very graphic incidences in David's life.

If you've never marked in 1 Samuel, it's really a challenge. In my Bible in 1 Samuel as I'm reading along by the time I get to 1 Samuel 19 I know that when I get to the 11th verse that Psalm 59 was written then. It's a very great assistance to our understanding of the Word of God if we can locate where those majestic Psalms fit as they expose a very vital facet of the life of David. So you can prepare--- find your pen or pencil and scratch paper and we'll enjoy David.

David is our focus and the reason he's such a special focus--- and I think that you will agree, as we look at his life in a broad perspective. The reason that it's such a vital focus is because he was a man that is so much like all of us. He loved God and yet he falls so often. He falls prey to temptation, discouragement and sin. Yet we find him constantly being encouraged. We find him constantly pursuing righteousness with his life. We find him conquering the flesh and sin and the tempter. And we find him most of all being involved in that which is not only what God desires from us now but what we're going to be involved in for all eternity--- and that's worshipping God. It's one of the only things that the Scripture says that God is constantly longing for from us.

He seeketh us to worship Him and why we're like David so much is he's just like us and he blows it a lot and yet he ...

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