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How to Lead Family Devotions (6 of 35)
Series: Delights of a Word Filled Marriage
John Barnett

How to Lead Our Homes to God Through the Family Alter

This evening we are taking a look at our owner's manual. You see we were bought with a price, we are no longer our own. The Owner of your life and my life has written out just what He expects from each of us.

He also has included instructions that keep us running in tip top condition - FOREVER.

Have you looked at your Bible that way this week?
ü It is the exact and perfect and errorless guide to maintenance (how to stay victorious),
ü fuel needs (how to grow by eating spiritually),
ü warranty questions (assurance of salvation) and so on.

There is nothing more vital nor practical than to consult the Owner's Manual God's Word !

This is part one of a look at what the Owner of we who are saved, has to say about His expectations for the Family, specifically dads.
This is the standard, it is the way God designed life to be.
You may be single, single parenting, childless, grandparents, and so on.
What we look at tonight is vital for all of us because it is God's Word, and God's Way!

Part One:
Dad's--It's Not Easy

To declare God's requirements for a family to grow in Him is an awesome task -- even humorous! One professor early on told of a fellow:

ü He started in ministry fresh our of Seminary and as a newlywed, he preached "The Ten Commandments of Child Rearing".
ü Two years and one child later he changed his sermon to: "Five Biblical Principles for Parenting".
ü A few years and another child later he re-titled his sermon: "Three Suggestions for Parents".
ü And as you can assume after ten years and three children, he was selling used cars....

Parenting is difficult at times! At one bookstore I counted 54 titles on marriage and family with 18 on how to raise kids... many didn't even agree!

One great authority on life Mark Twain had an intere ...

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