by John Barnett

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Delights of a Word Filled Marriage Study Guide (1 of 35)
Series: Delights of a Word Filled Marriage
John Barnett

Is Marriage Your Priority?

This morning a little five year old boy slid up on my lap while I was hunched over
my laptop typing. He said, "Dad, have we had good morning prayer time yet?" he
must have forgotten that he had slid in and put his arms around Bonnie and I as
we started our day in prayer together early this morning, like we try to do every
day. He came up while we prayed, wrapped those chubby little arms around our
shoulders and chimed right in with a very creative and heartfelt prayer.
But later as he came to me he had something on his mind, so he wanted to pray
again. His prayer was short and simple.
"Dear God, help me NEVER become an ak-o-holie (not sure where he
heard about that) and NEVER walk around with a bottle (possibly from a
John Wayne movie he seems to watch a lot or our trip by New York City
last week, or something) but I want to be the BEST SERVANT OF THE
Do you have as clear a mandate about life? Children reduce life to its bare
essentials; they know what really matters – love, time, food, and the Lord!
• Do you know what is your highest earthly calling TO MINISTRY?
• Do you know what is most important to God about MEASURING the
fruitfulness to God of your life today?
• What is the primary ministry each one of us publicly signed up for? Is it
parenting, educating our children, and serving in Christ's church,
missions, Sunday school, youth work, evangelism?
All of these are important to God, but did the Lord declare that they are our
PRIMARY MINISTRY that we were created to fulfill?
God's blueprint1[1] for marriage is in Genesis 2: 18-25.
After combing God's Word for all that He has instructed us about marriage, I
have found only one description of marriage that God chooses to repeatedly
present to us. Four times in the Bible the Lord clearly states what He wants us to
do – ...

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