by John Barnett

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David's Life of Finding Refuge (19 of 29)
Series: Christ Our Refuge
John Barnett

Sometimes it's good to pull over and look at the map. Just to see where you are, where you're headed, and how far you have come. This morning we are on a wonderful journey finding all the sites in God's Word where Christ is our refuge. We arrived at the third truth--Christ the Refuge for the Lonely.
Then we began to look at David. We have found that David's life is often described in the Bible. But is there any significance to the items about David captured in the Old Testament?
To find out, open with me to Ruth 4 this morning and look at the last verse. I'd like to show you the person God chose to write about more than any other person in the Bible.
Yes, I know that Christ is the theme of every chapter and every book of this Bible. But the most described and talked about person in God's Word is David. His strengths, weaknesses, virtues and vices, character and habits are all there--more than any other person.
David God's Example to Us
I believe that God captured David's highs and lows for our benefit. God records his successes and failures for our learning. And all that is because God is teaching us how to please Him by the correct responses to our circumstances in life.
David has been recorded by God in His Word as an example to us in how to find all we need in Jesus--no matter we ever will face in life, David mirrors a response that pleases God that we can follow.
As we start here in Ruth 4 and go through all the chapters that deal with David's life we find that there are over 140 chapters of the Bible about David. That is astounding. Let me show them to you. Here is the first mention of David.
As we turn to 1st Samuel 16, we see the first appearance of David in God's Word.
God always has the best plans and will show us what they are if we listen and obey Him.
Whether in the background of foreground all the way from 1st Samuel 16.1 and God's command to Samuel th ...

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