by John Barnett

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Rejoicing in the Pits (17 of 29)
Series: Christ Our Refuge
John Barnett

Since Hurricane Katrina hit last Sunday--
• Millions of lives have been disrupted.
• Tens of thousands have lost everything.
• Tens of thousands are homeless.
• Thousands are out of touch with friends and family.
• Multiplied thousands are jobless.
• Many thousands are refugees.
• And all of them are unsure about the future.
Events like those of this past week are unforgettably imprinted upon our memories.
The fear, pain, hopelessness we saw reflected from the crowds waiting to be rescued from the devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans--is a collective picture of what some individuals face every day.
We are seeing hundreds of thousands of people facing all at once, together, what David faced alone for months.
Remember where we are in God's Word--we are searching the Scriptures and finding the testimony of David that God was his refuge. We know as New Testament believers that we also are to flee to Christ as our Refuge.
Where is David when he wrote the 40th Psalm? He was remembering life at the bottom, life in the pits.
• David had lost everything.
• David was homeless.
• David was out of touch with his family and friends and did not know who survived and who hadn't.
• David had no sure supply or food or water.
• David had to find an escape route to flee the dangers he faced.
• David's life and emotions were flooded by a hurricane of troubles.
But David had a choice--sink into despair or flee to the Lord as his refuge. That is the same choice each of us this morning have each day of our lives.
He chose to flee to God and wrote down in this Psalm 40 the pathway out when you find yourself hitting bottom in life.
Believers in Christ aren't prevented from hard times and bottoming out in life--they just always have a way out. In fact, most of God's greatest servants have spent a great deal of time in what we could call the pits of ...

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