by John Barnett

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Finding Christ in the Pits (15 of 29)
Series: Christ Our Refuge
John Barnett

As we open to Psalm 40 this morning, David feels all alone, abandoned and dejected. Why?
In verses 1-4 we find that he was out of touch with the Lord. His life was defeated. He had yielded to sin. He had cultivated bad habits. He had allowed his circumstances to get him completely down.
Sounds familiar doesn't it?
That is exactly the pathway so many had followed. The good news is that Psalm 40 gives us the map to escape these pits of life. By fleeing to the Lord we find a refuge where we are delivered from constant defeats, besetting sins, crippling habits and paralyzing circumstances. And as we have found each step of the way through this series, the way out is always by fleeing to Christ as our Refuge!
This morning, if you feel far from God--check these four areas of your life: what areas defeat you, what sins capture you, what habits control you, and what circumstances drive you?
Chances are that one or more of these areas has buried you in a pit, and you are so deep that you no longer can hear the voice of God speaking to your heart through His Spirit, and from His Word.
David's testimony is an invitation for us to find Christ when we are in the pits of life!
David was in a pit under layers of defeats, sin, habits, and circumstances. David was learning how precious it was to hear the Lord's voice. He speaks in Psalm 40 about how God had to "dig ears for him".
"My ears You have opened" in Psalm 40:6b in Hebrew is literally "two ears You have dug for me." David is picturing his desire to reflect Christ's coming obedience and dedication. This is a messianic Psalm, a look ahead through David's life at the coming Christ.
We saw last week in v. 1-2, that God had to dig through the depths of his defeats and sins. God came to David and had to dig away all the debris that was blocking David's ability to hear and respond to God's voice in His Word.
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