by Daniel Rodgers

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The End of World Commerce (21 of 26)
Series: The Book of Revelation
A Verse by Verse Study
Dan Rodgers
Revelation 18:1-24

INTRODUCTION: In our last lesson, we studied chapter 17, with John describing the end of the world church. He referred to her as, "Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth." She was guilty of the blood of the martyrs; and as a spiritual harlot, she had committed adultery against Christ, turning the hearts of the world to a false christ, the antichrist. In the end, her false suitor turns on her and destroys her with fire (vs. 16).

Tonight, we will look at chapter 18 and the destruction of Political Babylon and all commerce as we know it. It will be the complete end to everything of material value.

Le t me give you our outline...


A. Babylon is Fallen (vv. 1, 2)

1. Religious Babylon will be destroyed in the middle of the tribulation, while Commercial Babylon will be destroyed at the end of the tribulation period. Religious Babylon, "The Mother of Harlots," will be located in Rome, while Commercial Babylon will be located possibly in Iraq, the same location of ancient Babylon. Some Bible teachers feel that the headquarters could be in any major city of the world. I would think that it would be in the east, considering the wealth of the eastern nations, with all their oil reserves and commercial enterprises.

B. Nations are Drunk (vs. 3)

1. The voice from heaven gives the indictment against the kings of the world. They have become drunk with riches and have committed fornication with Babylon. Materialism and greed has blinded them. Think of Dubai, for example, with its golf courses, fancy hotels, catering to the world's elite. Everyone drives a Mercedes or Rolls Royce. Again, Kuwait is one of the upper crust nations, as well, drunk with oil and the wealth it has brought them. It doesn't really matter where Babylon will be locate ...

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