by Duane Bemis

The Blood of Christ
Duane Bemis

So what is it about the blood of Jesus Christ and why do we need to spend a chapter on it's sometime forgotten about power?

The blood of Jesus is what makes the real difference in getting completely free from our past sins.

Recently I did a survey of 60 men who were in church behind the razor wires.
• 88% of those attending said they were born-again.
• 50% of those said they had taken their first drink by the age of fifteen.
• 8% of those in church were exposed to pornography by the age of twelve.
• 53% were exposed by age eighteen.
• 80% had their first sexual encounter by age twenty.
• 42% had viewed more than twenty pornographic magazines.
• 30% had viewed more than twenty pornographic videos.
• 20% had their first sexual experience with someone younger than fourteen years old.
• 30% had their first sexual encounter with someone between the age of 15 to 18 years old.
• 67% of the men have tried Marijuana.
• 57% had tried cocaine.
• 43% have broken windows before in their anger.
• 28% have been physically abused.
• 12% have been sexually abused.
• 51% of the men said they have read the bible one time through from cover-to-cover.
• 18% have been married two to three times.
• 42% of these men have slept with more than twenty women.

From the above statistics you and I can see that our church going people are full of old sin issues. Even if they are not active in these things anymore the images of these sins linger inside their temples. The time has come to set the captive truly free by teaching everyone about the power that is in the shed blood of Jesus.

Knowing what God's word says about His blood is of the utmost importance. This is why the enemy has kept this silent in the church. The enemy does not want understanding brought to the body because of its supernatural power to clean the conscience of man.

The shed blood of Jesus and learning how to apply it in our life will set your mi ...

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