by Duane Bemis

Galatians Revealed: Grace vs. Law
Duane L. Bemis
Galatians 1 and 2


I set out on another great scriptural adventure through the letter penned by the Apostle Paul. One day I was in my office and a man from the African continent approached me about his need to celebrate the Passover. I asked him if he need a sacrificial lamb and he said no that Jesus was the Lamb of God but that God commanded that we should always celebrate the Passover and also the other Jewish Holidays such as Purim (Esther 9:18) laws for God commanded this through Moses. This started me on a search for God's truth. Shortly thereafter I was talking to one of our staff members who said I needed to keep the Sabbath by following all the Mosaic laws found in the Old Testament. I was amazed that people today thought that Christians should follow the more than 600 Jewish laws.

Read the following text for it is just one idea to show you how detail the Jewish law can be1:

"Shabbat Candles: A married woman customarily lights two candles and may add an additional one for each of her children. An unmarried girl should light one candle in deference to her mother.

As soon as a young girl can understand the idea of the Shabbat and can say the blessing (approximately 3 years old) her parents should provide her with a candlestick and teach her to kindle the Shabbat candles.

Read The young girl should light before her mother in case she needs assistance from her.

It is coustomary to put a few coins into the tzedaka pushka (charity box) before lightling the candles.

The correct time to light the Shabbat candles is 18 minutes before sunset every Friday. Young girls should light just prior to this time."

I'm already tired just reading the detail of the lighting of the Sabbath candle 18 minutes before sunset every Friday. I magine that you must figure out where you are going to be every Friday 18 minutes right before sunset.

I prayed and asked God about this and all H ...

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