by Fred Lowery

When We See Christ
Dr. Fred Lowery
Revelation 1:1-8
May 3, 2009

This you know a few weeks ago we talked about today's service and every few months we like to do an evangelistic Sunday where I preach a message to the lost and we try to put it with something we are doing in the community to try to get people to come to church on that particular day. This weekend was the race and had a dinner on Friday evening and yesterday over three hundred ran the race and Mike Liles won that race yesterday. So we salute him, no that's not so. I don't know who won it Kenny? A very young guy, well anyway. You could walk or run had over three hundred people. So I am pumped and prime to preach this strong message to the lost and I have the best people in our church here to hear it. So I'm going to do something I've never done, to my knowledge in twenty five years. The first thing came to some of your minds; he is going to let us out early. That just shows you need to listen to this sermon whatever it is. But I'm just going to look at a passage of scripture and just see what comes out. But I'm going to save that sermon and next Sunday, Mother's day we might not, because that's another difficult day we will have a crowd. But they are all going somewhere immediately and they are in a hurry to get out. Because we want time for the invitation and time to see people saved. But I will preach that message and I will let you know so that you can bring people. So there are no screens to watch because they got other stuff on the screens and that would confuse totally. And I hope the sound people are awake up there and don't get confused so let's go back the way we used to do it all the time for sure. And that's find your Bibles. Do you have still have your Bibles? Dig them out; hold them up high so I can see them. Coming to church without your Bible is like coming to Vacation Bible School without your scissors you know you just don't want to do that. You're going to need i ...

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