by Tony Nester

God's Dwelling Place
Tony Nester
Exodus 25:1-10; 25:17; 25:23; 25:31; 27:1-2; 27:20-21

When was the last time you experienced "buyer's remorse?"

"Buyer's remorse" is that feeling of anxiety that often comes over people soon after they make a major purchase -- a house, a boat, a car or a super expensive big screen TV. As long as we're just shopping around we've got lots of options. Sales people treat us really well. It doesn't cost us anything to look over a product or test drive a car or tour a house.

But once we make the purchase then all sorts of doubts can fill our minds: "Did I really get the best price?"; "Can I afford the payments?"; Should I have waited for the next model or next upgrade comes out?" These thoughts can morph into full buyer's remorse: "I made a mistake." "Can I get out of this?" "What just happened to me?"

Buyer's remorse can set in not just with purchasing decisions but also with other dinds of decisions and commitments that we make

I remember a woman who attended a Sunday School class on marriage. In the discussion that Sunday people were sharing their feelings about the covenant of marriage. This particular woman, who had been through a divorce, said, "I didn't feel excited at all on my wedding day. In fact, I wished I could have gotten out of it. If my father had said to me, 'Honey, are you sure you want to go through with this?', I would have jumped at the chance to say 'No, I don't, Dad' and called it off right then and there."

Did you know that people experience buyer's remorse over the commitments they make with God? It's not uncommon.

A young person makes a commitment to Christ at camp, but then comes back home and once removed from the spiritual atmosphere of camp has a change of heart.

"I didn't know what I was doing. Now that I'm back to my real life I see how foolish I've been. I wish no one had seen me make that commitment to Christ."

This isn't just something that happens to p ...

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