by John Barnett

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The Biblical Convictions of a Citizen of Heaven on Earth (32 of 40)
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John Barnett

We are witnessing the most publicized, the most expensive, and perhaps what believers may one day look back at as a turning point election, in American history.

Yet we must always step back and look at each part of life from the perspective of God's Word.

The fact that we have any liberties to exercise our personal convictions and live as we do is such a gift from God.

There is no assurance that we always will have such freedoms. Most believers, for most of history have not had what we have enjoyed here in America and other parts of the world, for so long.

But as believers, when we face our opportunity to vote, we do so remembering that any time we vote it should be as a reflection of the convictions we have, based on God's Word.

Today, we need to consider the question: "What are the Biblical Convictions, of a Citizen of Heaven, on Earth?"

If I were to apply the whole of Scriptures to answer that question, especially as it relates to the current climate in American society, I would say that the God of the Bible has clearly revealed His convictions in His Word:

GOD is Pro-Life--God is absolutely opposed to Abortion and Euthanasia.

GOD is Pro-Marriage--God is eternally opposed to Gay and Lesbian Unions, as well as divorce, adultery, fornication, pornography, and any other form of immorality.

GOD is Pro-Justice--God is constantly opposed to murder, violence, discrimination, prejudice, and any abuse of the weak, the poor, and the unborn; God is the One who invented and commanded capital punishment, and expects all societies to have a just legal system.

GOD is Pro-Work--God is equally opposed to indolence, sloth, entitlements, oppression of the poor by the rich, and every form of false hope produced by gambling and lotteries.

So we begin this morning with:

Point One--

Biblical Convictions start with the Bible, Because ...

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