by John Barnett

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The Glory of God (18 of 40)
Series: Book You Can Trust
John Barnett
Luke 2:7-15

On an unnamed hill, surrounded by sheep contentedly munching their grass, a handful of shepherds witnessed the greatest sound and light show ever staged. God's birth announcement filled the front page of the sky that night. The only ones He found that were in tune were the humble shepherds. There, watching lambs destined for sacrifice, came word of the ultimate lamb. And when it came how did God word it? Look with me at Luke 2:7-15.

But why did God do that? What is all this Glory to God about? Our precious portion of scripture to meditate upon in our study this evening is Ps. 19:8. Note the second half. This is the fourth of six sets of divine snapshots of the perfect sufficiency of God's word. Each focuses on a special facet of God's written revelation. Our text says the commandment of the Lord, or His divine decrees, are so pure they enlighten our eyes.

The divine teacher touching all of life turning the whole person to God

The divine witness absolutely trustworthy making us skilled in the art of holy living

Divine directions causing great joy because we know what is absolutely right

Divine decrees without any flaw bringing the light of God on every area of life.

But what do we mean by divine decrees? You see this word commandments of decrees speaks of: "those things that are binding and non-optional". They are "authoritative and impervious". They are decrees from God; His divine commands. This morning we need to consider the chief command of God - that He be glorified.

Chuck Swindoll captures the nature of this aspect of God's word in his book, Rise and Shine. Let me quote from him on one of God's decrees. Our purpose in existence is to please Him, singing glory to His name!

"The primary purpose of our lives is to glorify God. That, in a nutshell, is the reason we have been left on this planet. We haven't long to live. In our brief span of sixty or s ...

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