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John Barnett
Genesis 1:1

What would the ten most important words in the world be? They are so vital to all parts of our life, so crucial to the destiny of our souls. In order that we never miss them, God put them in the front of your Bibles. These are the first words Jesus and the Apostles read at their mother's knees. For all Jewish children were taught to read starting with the Torah, the first five books of Moses. Why don't we read them together this morning!

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (NKJV)

Evidence for the Design of the Galaxy-Sun-Earth-Moon System for Life Support

The following parameters of a planet, its moon, its star, and its galaxy must have values falling within narrowly defined ranges for life of any kind to exist.

Number of stars in the planetary system
If more than one: tidal interactions would disrupt planetary orbits
If less than one: heat produced would be insufficient for life

Our sun age:
If older: luminosity of star would change too quickly
If younger: luminosity of star would change too quickly

Our sun mass:
If greater: luminosity of star would change too quickly; star would bum too rapidly
If less: range of distances appropriate for life would be too narrow; tidal forces would disrupt the rotational period for a planet of the right distance; UV radiation would be inadequate for plants to make sugars and oxygen

Our sun color:
If redder: photosynthetic response would be insufficient
If bluer: photosynthetic response would be insufficient

Our sun luminosity relative to speciation:
If increases too soon: would develop runaway greenhouse effect
If increases too late: would develop runaway glaciation

Surface gravity (escape velocity):
If stronger: planet's atmosphere would retain too much ammonia and methane
If weaker: planet's atmosphere would lose too much water

Distance from our sun:
If farther: ...

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