by Fred Lowery

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The Personality of Loud Love (7 of 14)
Series: Love Loud
Dr. Fred Lowery
March 22, 2009
Proverbs 16:32; Isaiah 30:18; Psalm 37:4-5; Ephesians 4:2; Colossians 3:12; James 1:2-4; Psalm 119:7; Philippians 3:10; James 1:12; James 5:13; 2 Timothy 2:13; Philippians 2:13; Psalm 30:4-5; Philippians 4:13

How many of you remember the day you got saved and you are still glad of it? Let me see your hands. You know I've been sorry for a lot of things I've done and a lot of decisions I've made through life but I've never been sorry that I gave my heart and life to Jesus Christ. Not only that, in all my years I've never run into anybody who was sorry they met Jesus Christ. Because He is the key to life. Now we are talking about the fruit of the spirit and as I said last Sunday, moving like a herd of turtles through these nine and I planned to all of them in a couple of sermons but now we are just kind of slowing that process down. And I want to ask you this morning on a scale of want to ten, how patient are you. Let me ask your wife. Or let me as your husband. Scales of one to ten, how patient are you? Have you ever prayed Lord give me patience and hurry? So we want to talk about patience because it is something that we all struggle with and it's something that across the pages of the Bible, God commands us to be patient. It is not a choice, not an option, not a suggestion. Do you know the difference between a command and a suggestion? Commands us to be patient. When I think of patience, first of all I think of a steadfastness and obedience to God despite the fact that at the time it doesn't seem to be going our way. That we remain steadfast, committed to God even though it looks like things are not turning out the way we think they ought to turn out. Yet we are willing to patiently wait up on God. The word means bearing up under. Long endurance. Through tough times we hang in there, we endure. Not just long endurance through tough times but long-sufferi ...

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