JUST AS I AM (13 OF 29)

by John Barnett

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Just As I Am (13 of 29)
Series: Christ Our Refuge
John Barnett

Christ is our refuge we can flee to Him at any time and in any condition--and He will never turn anyone away. In a pitiful muddy mess David trudges to the Lord. Like the buddies on their way back from digging along the creek, head to toe in mud--David came just like he was to the Lord.
David here in Psalm 40 cries out in his need to the Lord and says what we all should say--we are dirty sinners by the standard of our Holy God and can only come to Him as we acknowledge and confess that truth. Then and only then can He take us in.
There was an old expression when I was growing up that described someone who was down emotionally, they'd say that they were "in the pits" That meant that things weren't going well.
This Psalm can reflect any of the pits that David had lived through, and there were many. So it is possible to see him speaking of any era of his life--and maybe even of all of them! David was painfully aware of his own failures, weaknesses, shortcomings, and sins. He likens them to a pit and salvation as well as sanctification being lifted out of those pits all through life.
How we need to recognize today that it is sinful to think that we are better than someone else and to look down upon others. It does not matter who they are--before God they are on the same plane as we are. We are all sinners and need to come to the Cross and accept Christ as our Savior.
The humble approach we need when we come to Jesus was beautifully seen in the story behind one of the best known hymns in America. It was in London when a great preacher by the name of Caesar Milan was invited one evening to a very large and prominent home where a choice musical was to be presented.
The musician was Charlotte Elliott born in Clapham, England, on March 18, 1789. As a young person she had lived a carefree life, gaining popularity as a portrait artist, musician and writer of humorous verse.
Now at thirty, her health ...

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