by John Barnett

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The Safest Place on Earth (3 of 29)
Series: Christ Our Refuge
John Barnett

The safest spot on earth is just over 700 miles from us this morning in Colorado. It is a super secure military command center called NORAD. There in the Rockies, under Cheyenne Mountain, a mile deep in the granite corridors, is the heart of America's missile defense center.

The main entrance to the complex is approximately one-third of a mile from the North Portal via a tunnel which leads to a pair of steel Blast Doors each weighing 25 tons. Behind the 25-ton blast doors is a steel building complex built within a 4.5 acre grid of excavated chambers and tunnels and surrounded by 2,000 feet of granite. Excavation began for the new NORAD Combat Operations Center in Cheyenne Mountain in May 1961. The excavation was nearly complete one year later.
Built at the height of the Cold War and able to withstand any bomb blast, chemical or biological weapon--it is self sustaining for those inside for two years. But only if you are able to get there in time to avoid the attack.

The safest spot in the universe, that is even safer than Cheyenne Mountain, is also the closest. Closer than that military center 700 miles from here, closer than your safe room, closer than a shelter, closer than anything else--is the refuge God has designed.

Jesus Christ our hope, our refuge, and our salvation--is one thought away, one prayer away. He is as close as a cry, as close as an out-stretched hand, or an upturned heart. Anyone, anywhere can instantly arrive in that safest of all places--from any location.

We have already seen Christ our forerunner who has forever anchored our souls safely in heaven. If that were all there was for us in Hebrews 6--that would be enough for a lifetime of hope. But there is more.

Turn with me again to Hebrews 6 as we look again at these precious words of security, comfort and hope--because there is so much MORE from God's Word for us!

• Hebrews 6:17-20 Thus God, ...

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