by Dick Onarecker

Revelation Overview
Dick Onarecker

Word eschatology. Not found in Bible. Concept is there, but not the actual word.
Eschatos is a Greek word meaning "last" or "latter".

Ology means presentation of truth by words.
Eschatology is the presentation of truth about events that take place at the end of the age. It refers to God's plan which has been set in motion and cannot be altered. We will all, one way or another, experience God's final plan.

Eschatology is a theme as well as a central teaching of Scripture.

God's plan is systematic.
Think of the molding of a nation: a period of time, of commencement, when it all began. There is a period of continuation, in which we live today. There is also a period of consummation which will rapidly bring God's plan and this age to conclusion. We are at the beginning of the period of consummation.

The system is working.

From Adam to Abraham is a period of 2,000 years, the 1st period of history.

From the calling of Abraham to the time of Jesus is 2,000 years, the 2nd period

From the time of Jesus until now is another 2,000 years. That is 6,000 years - - notice the number is "6", man's number.

There will be one more period of 1,000 years on earth. Does that mean another 1,000 years until Christ returns? No! this 1,000 years is called the millennium, which describes the reign of Christ on earth. We are standing at the end of the 6,000 years of man's reign on earth, and just before the beginning of the millennium reign of Christ on earth.

Our living in this place and point of history is crucial. We are to be watching for rapidly changing events to be revealed.

In a brief span of time between 6,000 years and the 1,000 year millennium, a specified time of 7 years will occur. It is a time of important events.

• Israel will be reformed as a nation
• The great apostasy
• The rise of a world government
• The rise of an apostate world church
• The beginning and escalation of the 7 year per ...

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