by Dick Onarecker

God's Itinerary
Dick Onarecker
II Thessalonians 2:1-12, Matthew 24

A friend of mine was on an extended business trip that was to cover most of the eastern seaboard. He started in Pennsylvania, dropped down through Atlantic City, then went over to Maine. Before he left he gave his secretary an itinerary so if she need to reach him, she could. It would be impossible to know exactly when he would be in each location, but it was certainly possible for her to find out where he had been, and to know where he could be expected next. That's the purpose of an itinerary.

Sometimes this assistant wished that her boss would do things according to a schedule a bit more convenient for her! She wished he would just go to one place, and then come back. It seemed however, that regardless of how much she wished for this, it just didn't happen that way. She even tried to plan things in a way to force him to change his schedule, but it never really worked. Once she received a letter from her boss saying, "I know you would like to see me change some of my plans, that it would be more convenient for you, but I have reasons for the plans I've made. Please, plan to follow MY itinerary, and not the one you would prefer."

Sometime it seems that God may have written that note to all of us, right?

Look at II Thessalonians, chapter 2. Paul is writing this portion of his epistle about the second coming of Jesus Christ, in order to correct some mistaken ideas held by members of the church in Thessalonica. It is an itinerary for the Lord's return. It will be good for you to learn this itinerary from God's Word, because it is also YOUR itinerary for the future: for you immediate future. Regardless of popular timetables people formulate, the one in God's word is the only one that will occur. I prefer to know and believe the schedule the Master Himself left for us.

The target day is what Paul calls "the Day of the Lord", verse 2. the Old Testament calls this day, ...

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