by Dick Onarecker

The Beginning Reveals a Need
Dick Onarecker
Revelation 1:1-8
Originally written in 1980

Recently one of our presidents appealed for a unified, all volunteer army. There would be a difference in the attitude in this army: they would be individuals who could be told the whole truth of what to expect – they would be devoted to training and preparation. This army would live in readiness for personally engaging in the battle for which they were preparing.

The first 8 verses of the Revelation could be a formal address to those of you who are honestly aware that you are part of such an army – the army of Heaven. Jesus is your commander – the commander of the winning army! The book of Revelation is named from the Greek word; apokalypsis which means to uncover or unveil something. God does not want this message hidden from His people; this is His revelation. It is not the revelation of a man--John, but notice, it is the revelation TO a man, John. It is the revelation of, and by Jesus Christ. See verse one: it is the revelation of Jesus to john so that the Lord might show us the things which must shortly come to pass.

This revelation was recorded by the Apostle John sometime between 80-96 A.D. This man John is the apostle who laid his head on the chest of the Living Jesus at the Passover supper. Scripture says here that these "things which must shortly come to pass" and yet, it is now more than 2000 years ago. Does that mean the revelation is wrong? No! The Greek word used indicates that when the final events begin, they will occur rapidly. There will be no wasted time between events. The time of Vengeance, the Day of Jehovah, the Wrath of God - - will not be delayed in its completion by any thing: when the season for these events takes place, it will happen rapidly. The generation of people living when the events occur will not pass away before the conclusion. I believe those events which we will soon study in detail have begun in our lifetime. This generatio ...

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