by Ernest Easley

The Integrity Crisis
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Daniel 6:1-16
April 26, 2009

Let's take a little Bible quiz. I will give you a word and you complete it. Ready? "Adam and ______." "Noah and the _____." "Samson and ______." "Sodom and ______." "Daniel and the _____."

And do you know what landed Daniel in the lion's den? I mean .. you would think that he must had done something really wicked and evil to end up in the lion's den. But the truth is that Daniel didn't end up in the lion's den because he did something wrong .. but because he did something right.

Now if you think that by always doing right you will be rewarded and by doing wrong you will be punished .. think again. That is not always true. Sometimes when you do wrong things you are rewarded and at times when you do the right things you are punished.

Daniel was not thrown into the lion's den for doing wrong, but for doing right. Now you say, "Pastor, what did Daniel do right that caused him so much grief?" I can tell you in one word: Integrity.

So what is "Integrity?" Well ... people were asked on the streets to define and explain "integrity" ... here's what they said: (video)

No wonder we're in such an integrity crisis! We've raised a generation that isn't quite sure what it is! So what is "integrity?" Well .. the word "integrity" comes from a Latin word that speaks of "wholeness, completeness." A person with integrity is a complete person .. a whole person. The less integrity you have, the less of a human you are. The more integrity, the more human you are. In the garden before sin entered into the human race, God made us to be people of integrity. And anything less doesn't make us more human, it makes us less human ... less than what God designed and desired for us from the beginning.

You don't have to look very far to realize that we're living in an integrity crisis today. We hear a lot these days about our national financial crisis, but why? How has it happ ...

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