by John Barnett

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Cavemen (5 of 13)
John Barnett

The key to the past history of planet Earth is the Bible. The key that unlocks all the mysterious past events in human history is God's Word. The key to open the vistas of future history for the destiny planet Earth hurtles toward is the Word of God.

Across the face of our world seethes ethnic rivalry, genocide, ancient hatred, religious and regional warfare. Where did the races and nations come from? Nationalism is rising from the Balkans to the Orient. Terrorists seek to cause concessions to gain independence in the Basque country, Northern Ireland, Palestinian areas and other places. How did all this start? Genesis 10 gives us the birth of the nations. So, the Bible is the key to the present, which is written in God's Word in the past!

Open with me to perhaps the most fascinating chapter in the Bible, The Table of the Nations. God's map of all the human family. The ultimate geneology. All of our relatives are found in just one chapter of God's Word!

As we look over these 32 verses tonight you will come to the same conclusion I have. Namely, the Biblical explanation[1] of national and tribal origins is far superior to any evolutionary ideas, both morally and genetically. Note that the Bible does not mention the concept of "race" at all, only languages, peoples, tribes and nations. The most important difference between groups of men, of course, is not skin color, but language. It is only the language barrier that could enforce isolation and inbreeding among men, and it is only such inbreeding that could have produced the many distinctive physical characteristics of the different groups.

Now turn back to Isaiah 40-41 and stand as we read perhaps the 10 greatest verses on the Majesty of our Great God! They are 40:8, 12, 15, 18, 22, 26, 29, 31; 41:4, 10. Why study Genesis 10? To know how truly great Thou our God Art!

God created Adam and Eve the first couple of humans in the History of Earth, they had 2 sons, 2 ...

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