by Ken Trivette

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Zacharias: A Priest That Lost His Voice (17 of 18)
Series: Getting Acquainted With People of the New Testament
Ken Trivette
Luke 1:5

1. The Dedication that Authenticated Zacharias
a) Upright in His Personal Walk
b) Upright in His Public Walk
2. The Revelation that Alarmed Zacharias
a) A Troubling Appearance
b) A Thrilling Announcement
3. The Vacillation that Affected Zacharias
a) The Human Assessment of the Promise
b) The Heavenly Assurance of the Promise

I recently read an article about Joel Ben Izzy, who after graduating from Stanford in 1983 with a degree in English, Creative Writing and Storytelling, became a renowned and international story teller. After performing in and around San Francisco for about a year, he set off to travel the world. Italy, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Hong Kong and China are just a few of the countries he has visited gathering and telling stories. In 1991 he produced his first recording, Stories from Far Away, which won a Parents' Choice Gold Award and was chosen as an ALA Notable Recording. He has produced six recordings since and all have won awards.

In 1997 he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Though usually a treatable form of the disease, in his case there was a strange complication and when he awoke from surgery, he discovered that he could not speak. For more than a year the renowned storyteller was unable to speak. However, in 2001, a new surgical process restored his voice.

In this study we want to get acquainted with a priest who for lost his voice for about nine months. His name is Zacharias. The loss of his voice was not due to cancer or any other physical reason. He lost his voice because he didn't believe the message that was sent to him by God.

The Bible has much to say about unbelief. Matthew 13:58 has always been a convicting statement to my heart: "And He did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief." When the disciples cam ...

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