by Ken Trivette

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Barnabas: A Man who was Known by His Nickname (12 of 18)
Series: Getting Acquainted With People of the New Testament
Ken Trivette
Acts 4:36

1. The Description of His Consecration
a) The Character of Barnabas
b) The Control of Barnabas
c) The Confidence of Barnabas
2. The Depths of His Cooperation
a) The Personal Acts of Giving
b) The Particular Act of Giving
3. The Demonstration of His Consolation
a) His Encouragement of One Who Was Feared
b) His Encouragement of One Who Had Failed

Have you ever heard of the following people; Archibald Alexander Leach, Harold Lloyd Jenkins, Frances Octavia Smith, Muzyad Yakhoob, and Frederick Austerlitz? You say, "No, never heard of them." Are you sure? I bet you do, but don't realize it. You probably know them by their stage name.

How about the name Carey Grant? "Oh yes," you say, "I know him. I saw him in An Affair to Remember." Well, he is really Archibald Alexander Leach. And, Harold Lloyd Jenkins is best known to us as Conway Twitty, Frances Octavia Smith as Dale Evans, Muzyad Yakhoob as Danny Thomas, and Frederick Austerlitz as Fred Astaire.

In this study I want us to get better acquainted with Joses the Levite or Cyprian. Most probably know him by his nickname--Barnabas. It was a nickname he earned because of the encouragement that he gave to others. As Acts 4:36 states, Barnabas means "the son of consolation" or "the son of encouragement."

He is a prominent figure in the Book of Acts. He had a very important ministry in the early Church. He is mentioned at least twenty-five times in the Book of Acts and five times in the epistles. On many occasions that we find him in Acts he is being an encouragement to others.

The Church needs people like Barnabas. It has plenty of people who are wet blankets and are always putting the fire out in others. I once heard someone refer to them as the bucket brigade--always pouring cold water on others.

Thank God for people like Barnabas who encoura ...

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