by Ken Trivette

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Epaphras: The Prayer Warrior (8 of 18)
Series: Getting Acquainted With People in the New Testament
Ken Trivette
Colossians 4:12

1. A Man Who Pastored Faithfully
a) A Faithful Pastor
b) A Fruitful Pastor
2. A Man Who Preached Firmly
a) His Stand for Christ
b) His Sacrifice for Christ
3. A Man Who Prayed Fervently
a) He Prayed Persistently
b) He Prayed Personally
c) He Prayed Particularly
d) He Prayed Passionately

One of the most interesting and inspiring men I have read about is John Hyde. The son of a Presbyterian minister, he served God in India as a missionary. The people of India called him "the man who never sleeps" because of the many hours he spent in prayer. He earned the nickname, "Praying Hyde."

In 1908, at a convention in Calcutta, John Hyde dared to pray what many at the convention felt was an impossible request. He prayed that in the coming year there would be one soul saved every day in India. When they gathered at the next year's convention, he had prayed more than 400 into God's kingdom. He doubled his goal to win two souls a day over the next year. Eight hundred conversions were recorded that year.

At the 1901 convention Hyde revealed that he was doubling his goal for the next year--four souls a day. He cried out to God, "Give me souls, oh God, or I die!" If on any day four people were not saved, Hyde said there would be such a weight on his heart that he could not eat or sleep until he prayed through to victory. God continued to hear and answer his prayers and the number of converts continually grew. Before his death he would see a mighty revival sweep through India.

You mention the name John Hyde and few know who you are talking about. Rarely do I hear anyone mention his name or read about him. He has been largely forgotten in our generation. The same is true of the New Testament personality that I want to look at in this study--Epaphras. I don't think I have ever heard a sermon about him. Even in the commen ...

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