by Ken Trivette

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Aquila and Priscilla: A Couple Who Were Always Moving (7 of 18)
Series: Getting Acquainted With People in the New Testament
Ken Trivette
Acts 18:1-2


1. How Helpful They Were to the Men of God

a) Their Encouragement of Paul
b) Their Edification of Apollos

2. How Faithful They Were in the Work of God

a) The Service They Were Willing to Give
b) The Sacrifice They Were Willing to Make

3. How Careful They Were for the Church of God

a) Building the Church
b) Blessing the Church

As a preacher, I have had to move a few times in my life. I would rather someone beat me with a sack of doorknobs than move. I read about one fellow who was moving from one house to another just a few blocks away. As he watched the carefree way in which the moving crew yanked his cherished antiques about, he determined that he would move his Grandfather Clock himself. It was the antique he prized most and he didn't want it damaged.

Taking the clock in his arms, he started for the new house. The clock was as tall as him and very heavy, so he had to put it down every few feet to rest his arms and catch his breath. An old drunk was watching from the opposite side of the street. Finally he staggered up to him and said, ''Mister, could I ash you a quest'n?''

''What do you want,'' asked the weary mover.

The drunk then asked, ''Why don't you just carry a watch?''

As I continue looking at people of the New Testament, in this study I want to look at a couple who were always moving. Their names are Aquila and Priscilla. We find them mentioned six times in the Scriptures. As you follow them, you find them living in Rome, then in Corinth, then Ephesus, and finally we see them moving back to Rome. During their life they made several moves.

The name ''Aquila'' means ''eagle'' and the name ''Priscilla'' means ''little Prisca.'' She is called ''Prisca'' in 2 Timothy 4:19. Whenever we read of them in the Bible they are always mentioned together, never separatel ...

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